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General Questions
  • Will my signature be marked as "spam"?
    No. Spam filters measure email using a point value. Your signature is made up using HTML, which adds only a point or two to the message's spam score. More than 70% of all email sent from businesses are created using HTML. Only a small amount of (ISP's) Internet Service Providers block HTML, so your customers will receive the email message with the signature! ISPs that block HTML messages include the FTC, FBI, and other high security companies or government.
  • How does an email signature help drive traffic to my website?
    The buttons used on your signature are visually captivating, allowing you to directly link the recipient to specific web pages of your choice. You also have the ability to link recipients to videos, images or any other information found on the internet. In addition to your signature, you also receive up to 5 custom pages which you can easily modify yourself. Use these pages when the information is unavailable anywhere else.
  • Are the images contained in the signature attached to the email?
    No. The images are hosted remotely then loaded instantly when the recipient opens the email message. This is done to retain the efficiency and speed of your current email.
  • Is the signature affected if the recipient forwards it to another individual?
    No, your signature will retain all of the functionality of the original email, everyone who receives a copy will be just as impressed as the original.
  • Will I need a different email address to use an email signature?
    No, the signature will work with your current email, all you need to do is install your signature which takes only a couple minutes.
  • How long will it take to set up my email signature?
    Typically, 5 minutes or less. Installing your signature is a very simple process. We have step-by-step installation guides which cover the install process for your particular email provider. If any additional assistance is required, our customer support team will be available to help you.
  • Will the signature slow down the sending or receiving of my email?
    No. The images contained in your signature are not attachments, they are actually hosted on a separate server to retain the current speed of your email transmission.
  • Will my signature be visible on every email which I send?
    Your signature will be visible to recipients most of the time. If the email recipient's security settings are set to a high level for incoming emails, they will see red x's in place of your signature and buttons. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided. Only 8% of the population uses Outlook 2007-2010, and they are the only email managers which will only show the first frame of animation. This means you can advertise using full animation to over 90% of the population!
  • Will I still be able to attach files and images to my emails?
    Yes, attach files just as you do now. The signature compliments both the functionality and appearance of your email. It does not affect any existing functionality.
  • Can I change the font size and colors of my button links?
    Yes, we provide you total flexibility in creating the size and shape of your buttons, colors and fonts. You also have flexibility in the content on your signature (name, telephone, email etc)
  • Is there a discount for organizations with multiple users?
    Yes, we offer significant savings to organizations with multiple users. Each member of the organization will have the same template but personalized contact information. In fact, group rates are as low as 3 cents per day/user.
  • There are some free email programs in the market, how is your service different?
    Great question! Our service is one-of-a-kind. We provide total flexibility, host the pages you create on your own (free of charge), as well as the HTML images (not an attachment which slows down the email and in many cases forwards it to the recipients spam folder). In addition, our clients earn referral income that will easily pay the small fee, and depending upon the client, can provide an exceptional residual income. See the referral program section for more details.
  • I don't have a website, can this service act as one for me?
    Absolutely! There are millions of entrepreneurs who have yet to create a website, or utilize a service not projecting a professional image. Because we provide you the ability to create micro sites (which we host free of charge), a business person can easily enjoy the same benefits of a website. As an example, a handyman can create an eSignature with his photo and links to Contact Me (Map), Experience, Insurance Photos and Testimonials.
Custom Design FAQs
  • What is a custom design?
    We will use your copy, logo, photo or any other unique image you supply to us to create a custom signature just for you. This is a great way to retain your company brand, or reflect your personality.
  • How long does a custom design take?
    Once you place your order and have supplied us with all necessary artwork, a member of or graphic design team will design your signature within three (3) business days. Once you approve your design, you will be able to immediately begin using your signature. (Feel free to use a standard template during the customization process)
  • Can I duplicate an existing custom design?
    You can only use an existing custom design if you obtain written permission from the owner of the custom design.
  • If I choose a custom design, can I change it?
    Yes, you will still be able to modify the signature in the same manner as if you used one of the standard templates. You can choose to use a template temporarily for a special event without loosing your existing custom designed signature. You can also choose to update or redesign your existing signature at any time by requesting a new design.

My eSig was designed with you in mind... that's why we offer multiple signature download formats that will work with almost all of todays leading email clients! Install on popular clients such as: Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Mac Mail, MSN, Hotmail, and Gmail.

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