About The Program

For anyone who purchases an eSig by clicking on your referral link, SignaSource will pay you 10% of their monthly signature fee.

In addition: For any customer referred by a customer (up to 5 tiers), SignaSource will pay you 10% of their monthly signature fee as well!


  • Referral link is always linked to your eSig disclaimer.

  • Program is INCLUDED with your SignaSource subscription!

Referral FAQ’s

  • How does the referral fee work?

    It’s actually quite simple. Any new customer who desires the benefits of an eSignature through your affiliate referral link will generate a 10% commission as long as they are a customer. Unlike most affiliate programs paying a 1-time fee, we compensate you 10% month after month, year after year.

  • How do I receive my affiliate referral code?

    When you enroll as a customer a unique 6 character affiliate code is automatically generated for you. This code can then be added to your eSignature to create passive referrals when your email recipients view and want to learn more about your attractive and highly functional email signature. In small font below your email signature can be the statement: Signature powered by: Get yours today! (you can adjust the size, color and content as you wish) or totally eliminate it you prefer. When someone clicks on the referral link, they are directed to our homepage and your referral code will receive credit if they sign up!

  • Can you give an example of the generation referral fees?

    You create an account with a referral code embedded in the tag line as illustrated above. If you are like most business people, you send and receive 100’s of emails per month. As an example, if you send and receive 200 emails per month, and only 4/100 recipients is curious about how to utilize a custom email for their business and click on your link, and 1/4 actually creates a signature, that is 2 referrals that month. Over the course of 6 months, you may “accidentally” refer 12 clients, earning you a 10% PROFIT on your eSignature service fee. If those 12 clients refer only 33% of the clients you did, and their 4 clients do the same etc for 5 generations of referrals, you could be earning 10% of the monthly fee for over 4,000 clients. Most clients will be individual users at $9.00/month. Some clients will be small to medium sized companies at $25-$200/month. I’ll let you do the math on just how substantial this viral marketing can be. One final note, since 10% commission for 5 generations of referrals equals 50% payout to affiliates, would you rather earn 50% of 12 subscribers, or 10% of 4,000 subscribers?

  • Is the referral program available worldwide?

    Yes, both the service and referral program are available* worldwide (there may be a few exceptions where funds cannot be transferred via a check, debit card or PayPal).

  • How can I market this service proactively?

    If you wish to market this service proactively, make sure you send an email explaining the opportunity to all your business and personal contacts. Even young adults or stay at home Mom’s and Dad’s may want an eSignature including their favorite photo of themselves or children, with links to their social networks (FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter etc) or a created page of family photos, resume etc. Additional terrific medium are LinkedIn, Perfect Networker, Fast Pitch, MeetUp and many more networking websites. You can also contact local business like car dealerships, real estate offices, insurance agents, Salons, restaurants, doctors, accountants etc. The final point is you do not need to refer 100’s of clients. If you just refer 5,10,15 etc, and many of these clients do the same, your referral income can be substantial!

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